Net Rewards Card Game – Collection of Hottest Promotions

Net reward card game is launching a series of promotions with a total value of up to billions of dong. You will have the opportunity to receive free cash codes, free spins, recharge card promotions,… at the easy online playground. If you are curious and want to know more detailed information, read the article immediately Nhà cái new88 compiled here.

General information about the net prize exchange card game

The net card game playground is a game portal that has been famous for a long time in the entertainment and reward exchange market. This game portal has more than 4 years of experience operating in Europe. One year later, the net game portal arrived in the Vietnamese market and has been operating for 2 years now.

Net card games are licensed to operate by the world’s leading professional organization – First Cagayan. This organization has more than 20 years of operation and only reputable betting playgrounds can receive an operating license from this prestigious organization.

The game store of net prize card games is the most prominent in the online card game market. Currently, this playground owns 50 types of betting games in general and more than 20 card games in particular. Some outstanding card games here are: Tien Len Nam, Tien Len Counting Cards, Phom, Mini Poker, Poker Poker, Blackjack, Lieng,…

Net card games are equipped with a quick and secure deposit and withdrawal transaction system. You can freely choose to transact via bank, scratch card, e-wallet or even virtual money. The time it takes for a transaction to be made online is only 1-2 minutes, ensuring the best time optimization for you.

Outstanding promotions at card games with net rewards

Next,  New88 will introduce to gamers some super attractive promotions at the net game portal. Join now to receive incentives to expand your capital and increase your chances of winning easily and quickly.

Promotion gives 100k to newly registered account successfully

Welcome new members to register to participate in the net card exchange game, each new account successfully created will immediately receive 100k bonus. You do not need to deposit additional money to still be able to experience all the games at this game portal.

Conditions for participating in receiving 100k when registering a new account:

  • The program only applies to members who register for the first time online. You already have an account, but deleting and redownloading will not be counted.
  • Promotion does not apply in conjunction with other programs.
  • Members must link their phone number to their net account to receive the bonus.
  • After receiving money, you will withdraw it to your account after going through 10 valid betting rounds.

Get 100 free spins at the net card game

With each deposit transaction into the net playground, you will receive a random number of free spins from 1-99 spins. This is a free spin applied to card games at this game portal.

Conditions for receiving 100 free spins:

  • Promotion applies to all members at net card game.
  • You must deposit a minimum of 50,000 to receive free spins.
  • The free spins program does not apply in conjunction with other promotions.
  • The number of spins will be updated every day.
  • Free spins will be sent to you immediately in your personal mailbox.

Receive 100% of the top-up value for the first time you load up a card game with net rewards

When you deposit for the first time at the net reward card game, you will immediately receive a 100% promotion of the deposit value. For example, if you deposit 100k you will receive 200k, deposit 500k you will definitely receive 1 million.

Conditions for receiving 100% deposit value for the first deposit:

  • The promotion only applies to members who have never deposited at the net game portal.
  • 100% promotion does not apply in conjunction with other promotions.
  • It is necessary to link your phone number and net game portal account to receive promotions.

Instructions on how to deposit money to receive promotions at card games with net rewards

Here are the steps to deposit money at the net game portal to apply the easiest promotions:

  • Step 1: Visit the website “net card game with prizes” -> Log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Select the Deposit section at the net card game main lobby -> Choose 1 of 3 deposit methods including: Deposit via bank, deposit via scratch card and deposit via e-wallet.
  • Step 3: Fill in information and perform transactions in accordance with system requirements. Click the Deposit button to confirm the transaction. So you have completed the deposit operation at the net game portal extremely quickly.


Net reward card game offers countless outstanding promotions for its members.  New88 wishes you guys a lot of gamesCard game Have fun, receive lots of promotions here.

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