Types of writing

It is important that you know that writing is derived from Latin scriptura, which is closely related to the verb “write”. As you can see, writing is the ability to transform an idea into a particular material. Some symbols are represented by letters.

One refers to writing to the system that allows the human being capture ideas through his own language and the use of typographic resources to create texts that reflect the ideas that he is trying to capture.

Historical research has shown that waxed tables were the first known evidence of writing. Some symbols were written using previously sharpened reeds. With the passage of time, they were modified to include feathers.

Ideographic writing or Ideograms

Historisch, it first appeared in Babylonian and Egyptian culture. These graphical representations allude to specific stories. This type of writing can be found in China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

This type of writing uses symbols to represent words. However, the symbol’s meaning is not directly related to the text.


This writing format was used to communicate between tribes in ancient times. To record their wisdom, they used a series of inscriptions which were then reflected in monuments. These hieroglyphs can be found today, dating back to more than 35,000 years prior to Christ.

Hieratic Writing

It is a form derived from the hieroglyph. Its form of writing is the union of a number of symbols that give an action, thus representing the story one wants to capture through a series symbols. It is a symbol of cursive writing.

Demotic writing

It is a simplified form of hieroglyphic written. It is a type of writing that is used from left to right and uses consonant sounds as well as ideographic representations. They were used in papyrus and other materials, which is a historical fact.

Cuneiform writing

This writing format is referred to in Mesopotamia from a historical perspective. It was represented using a series rectangular-shaped impressions that were then embodied in clay tablets. They were made by using a wedge.

Pictographic writing

According to history, this form of writing was used in the Neolithic period. This is reflected in a series rocks that are made up of species of drawings that represent an idea they were trying to communicate.

Alphabetic writing

It is also known as phonetic writing. Its origins date back to the Canaanites and Phoenicians. They use symbols to generate sounds or phonemes, and the symbol at their end represents an idea.


These signs are made up of several signs that represent a number of syllables based on the combination of characters. When combined, they form a series that defines a particular idea. The consonants are usually placed before the vowels.

Sumerian writing

It is a form that uses representations of ancient clay objects. They were trying to show the amount of merchandise being handled in the area. These notes were later reflected in a series printed tablets with the shape of a cylindrical.

Linear Write A

It is a type of writing that was developed on the Island of Crete, in particular the ancient civilization of Minoans. It is not known much about this type of writing. However, it has been shown to have been widely used during the period from the seventeenth to fifteenth centuries BC.

Linear Writing B

This type of writing refers to a series engravings in the shape of curved lines. A series of clay material tablets were used to handle the engraving. They used a sharp point made from calamus material to do this.

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