How to play Fan Tan New88 in detail from A – Z for newbies

Fan Tan Neu88 , also known as Xoc Dia online, is an online game that attracts many “famous” players to play every day, all of whom give very good reviews. The game is designed with an eye-catching interface, diverse betting options, and extremely high winning rates to help you earn “a fortune” very quickly. Let’s take a look at how to play Fan Tan New88 from A – Z that we share below!

Fan Tan New88 game rules are super attractive

Compared to other games at Bookie New88, Fan Tan New88 is considered quite easy to understand, a table will have cups and colored beads arranged in the center. Dealer of Bookmaker New88 will randomly place a cup on the beads in each round, these beads are continuously separated until the remaining number is equal to or less than 4.

The player will guess the number of seeds remaining in the bowl, the result of the Fan Tan New88 game will be calculated based on these seeds. Each bet will have different payout rates and probabilities, you must calculate carefully to win with the game Fan Tan New88.

Popular Fan Tan bets at New88 Bookmaker

Because the results of Fan Tan New88 are based on the remaining seeds in the bowl, there are many places for you to bet. Each person can place 1 or more different bets depending on their own predictions. Evenly distributing capital will increase the probability of winning.

Even and odd bets

Odd-even betting is the most popular form, suitable for newbies who are new to Fan Tan New88 and lack experience. You just need to drag the chip to the correct even or odd door on the betting table. After shaking, if the final result is 1, 3 then the odd bet wins, otherwise if the result is 2, 4 then the even bet wins, the reward ratio is 1:2.

Fan betting door

For Fan, the player will choose one of the numbers from 1 – 4 to place money. If the final result is correct with the predicted number, the win will be larger, with a payout ratio of 1:4. Those who participate in Fan Tan New88 often combine 2 bets on Fan and Parity at the same time to increase the high reward rate. than.

Nim betting shop

The Nim bet is a quite special variation of the Fan bet, you will also choose a number from 1 – 4 but with any additional number 1, 2 or 3 attached behind it. If the number is drawn, the reward ratio is 1:2. If the latter number is drawn, it will be considered a draw and the bet will not be lost.

Zheng betting shop

Zheng’s door is a way to place a desired number from 1 – 4. If the result is the correct number, you win, the payout ratio is 1: 4, super attractive. In case of reverse numbers (1 opposite 3, 2 opposite 4), you lose and lose your bet. If the number is not reversed, it will be considered a draw and no money will be lost.

For example, if you bet on box number 2, if it comes out 2, you win x4 of your bet, if it comes out 4, you lose the bet. If the result is 1 or 3, the game is considered a draw.

Tong betting door

You place your bet in a box with any 2 numbers along with a few coins. If the result is 1 of 2 numbers in that box, you win, payout ratio is 1:5. On the contrary, if the last box has a Tong, you lose the bet.

You bet on a box with any 2 numbers and a few Tongs. If the result has one of the two numbers you bet on, you win the bet. If the result appears Tong then you lose. Odds 1 to 5.

Chun betting door

Chun is a type of betting box with any 3 numbers from 1 – 4. If the result is 1 of the 3 selected numbers, you win, otherwise the remaining number means you lose the bet. The payout ratio of this door is 1:3, this is a door that is considered highly safe, the probability of winning is up to 75%. Many new players often follow this door to make profits.

Kwok betting shop

For Kwok, you place your bet on 1 of the 4 corners containing a pair of 2 numbers: 1 2, 2 3, 3 4 and 4 1. If the result is 1 of the 2 numbers in the bet box, you win, odds The payout ratio is 1:2.

How to play Fan Tan New88 is simple, win high bets

Those of you who are interested in playing Fan Tan at Bookie New88, especially first-time players, definitely cannot miss the detailed instructions on how to play Fan Tan New88 from A – Z below.

  • Step 1: Register an official New88 account on the New88 website, providing all required information. In case you already have an account, just log in using the password and name you created.
  • Step 2: To conquer Fan Tan New88 bets, you must pour capital into your account. Currently, New88 Bookmaker supports many deposit methods for you to choose from. Money will be in your account in 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Step 3: Enter the New88 Card Game portal → Select Fan Tan New88 and proceed to select the betting table.
  • Step 4: If you win the bet, the bonus will be transferred immediately to your New88 account, you can withdraw or win other bets.

Things to keep in mind when participating in Fan Tan New88

The Fan Tan New88 game is not difficult, but to win the bet, in addition to the element of luck, you should pocket some good tips from the experts below:

  • Understand clearly how to play Fan Tan New88 as well as New88 Bookmaker’s regulations, what betting options are available, and what the winning rate is to make the best decision.
  • Preview the history of previous games you want to participate in, what the results will be, based on the frequency of numbers appearing to predict a reasonable bet.
  • Bet on the masters to win many games continuously to increase your chances of winning. While playing you can also learn skills to participate in Fan Tan New88 more easily.
  • Intermittent play: You should not continuously participate in many games at the same time. After about 5 games, you should stop 1 game to take a break to relax your mind. Thanks to that, the thinking will be more accurate in the next games, increasing the chance of winning.

With How to play Fan Tan New88 Shared from A – Z below, you can freely participate and win attractive betting bonuses. Bookmaker New88 always improves customer service, creating conditions for bettors to have the best playing field for card games, online betting, and win the biggest prizes.

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