How to Calculate Northern Lottery Score with the Most Standard Formula 2024

How to calculate Northern lottery points is one of the important factors that any lottery player needs to understand. So what is the most accurate formula for calculating lots? In today’s article,  New88today will bring you experiences in calculating lottery scores in the most effective and successful way!

Why must you learn how to calculate Northern lottery scores?

Northern lottery is the term used to refer to players making predictions and investing money to raise the last 2 numbers in all Northern lottery prizes except special prizes. This is considered the most common and popular form of lottery today.

Every day, thousands of players participate in lottery betting because of its simple betting rules and high payout rates. If you also want to try to experience this form of closing numbers, understanding how to calculate Northern lottery scores is extremely necessary. Below are some reasons that demonstrate the importance of understanding how to calculate this Northern lottery:

Understand the law

Northern lottery betting principles are basic conditions that any lottery player needs to understand if they want to participate in playing. This betting rule will include the main lot scoring rules, so you will only be able to put down money when you clearly understand the calculation formula.

Master your turn

Thanks to a thorough understanding of how to calculate Northern lottery scores, participants playing MB XSKT can control their predictions. You will quickly determine the win-loss ratio, the probability of winning the lottery and the amount of money you will receive if you win.

Have the right strategy

Once you understand the principles and formula for calculating lottery scores, you will easily determine your playing plan. Players need to rely on personal finances to set lucky numbers for themselves that can help you make a lot of profit if you win and little loss when you lose.

Avoid being scammed

On the market, there are many bookmakers and lottery contractors specializing in organizing lottery numbers for participants. However, not all addresses are trustworthy and reputable. If you do not clearly understand how to calculate Northern lottery scores, the possibility of being cheated or having your winnings blocked is very high.

Share detailed calculation of Northern lottery scores

After learning about the importance of understanding the formula for calculating lottery scores, there must be many newbies who want to quickly learn about this principle. Currently, the Northern lot is divided into 3 main forms including: Regular lot, 3-claw lot and diagonal lot. Each type of lot has its own score calculation formula, specific information will be mentioned by  New88 below:

Calculate the score of 2-number lotteries

Currently, in the Northern lottery draw there are a total of 27 different prizes, so predicting your lot will have a pretty high probability of winning. Lot number 1 is the smallest unit used to calculate the monetary value and reward level of the lotteries. Up to now, 1 Northern lot point has a value ranging from 21,000 VND to 23,000 VND.
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The more points you play, the more money you will spend to invest. With the above lot point value, when winning the prize, if you apply the Northern lot point calculation method, you can receive from 80,000 VND to 85,000 VND/1 lot point. This value will depend on the area and locality where you live.

How to calculate northern lottery points with 3 digits

Lot 3 is a concept used to refer to players predicting the last 3 numbers in MB Lottery prizes with values ​​from 000 to 999. This is considered an attractive, interesting form of lottery play with good odds. Winning bonus is 24.3%. It is popular because it has a much higher payout rate than playing 2-number lottery.

Currently, the most common winning ratio for 3-digit lottery numbers is 1 to 400. That means the player will receive a bonus 400 times the value of their initial investment. However, this rate will fluctuate up and down depending on the area and location where you play the lottery.

Formula for calculating cross lotteries

Cross lottery, also known simply as the player betting on more than 1 lottery number in MB XSKT prize draws. In particular, cross number 2 means playing 2 numbers, number 3 means playing 3 numbers and number 4 means betting on 4 numbers. The more numbers you play at once, the higher your winning rate will be. Specifically, how to calculate Northern lottery points in this case is as follows:

  • Parlay number 2: The winning ratio is 1 to 10, meaning you receive a bonus amount 10 times the original bet value.
  • Lottery number 3: Winning prize value is 1 to 40 to 60 depending on the region. This means you will receive a reward 40 to 60 times the initial bet value.
  • Parcel number 4: The bonus value the player can receive if they win is up to 1 to 100, which is 100 times the amount of money you spent to close the 4 lottery numbers.

Pay attention when applying the Northern lottery scoring method

Above, we have learned together about effective and accurate Northern lottery calculation formulas currently being applied on the market. When participating in playing Northern lottery in general and MB lottery in particular, you need to pay attention to some basic issues below:

Distinguish different types of lots

As mentioned above, during the MB XSKT draw, there are many different types of lots that players can predict. You need to know how to distinguish these forms of lottery betting to clearly determine your bonus goals and betting strategies. Players should not equate different types of lotteries with each other to avoid causing misunderstandings about how to calculate Northern lottery points.

Choose a reputable place to play

When playing lottery, choose a reputable address, you can settle numbers with agents, lottery bidders or at online betting sites. Regardless of the type of play, you need to take the time to learn, research information, and determine the professionalism of each playing point. This helps you have safe, fair lottery plays and ensures that the value of the lottery points you receive when you win is the most accurate and transparent.

Determine finances

Through learning how to calculate Northern lottery points, we can see that each point value will bring you a different bonus level. You need to clearly determine your current finances to make investment decisions with the appropriate lot points. From there, players can limit themselves from going offshore because of too heavy losses.

Study the bridge carefully

Before making a decision to close the lottery numbers, summarize all the results and apply the most effective prediction strategies for yourself. Careful research helps you quickly find lucky numbers with higher payout rates.


In the above article, New88 shared with you in detail the experiences and knowledge about how to calculate Northern lottery scores most thoroughly. We hope that after referring to this post, you will be able to easily calculate your lottery score, bonus value, and winning odds for yourself!

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