How to Play Sic Bo – Rules and Tips for Winning Big for Newbies

How to play Tai Xiu is it difficult or not? What to do to win the most? These are the questions New88today Frequently receive information from new players about this interesting casino game. The answer will be provided specifically through the following sharing article.

Detailed instructions on how to play Tai Xiu

Game rules are one of the most basic and important data that you must master before entering the table:


Originating from a country of billions of people, the masterpiece is the most popular game in the Casino category. Not only does it have beautiful graphics, but the game rules are extremely simple, anyone can understand it clearly with the first try.

After entering the table, you will place your capital on the doors according to the regulations of each house based on your feelings. When the betting time ends, the system will automatically shake the dice and announce the results. In case the bettor’s choice is correct, the account will be automatically credited with a bonus. In case of loss, the original bet will be lost.

According to the entertainment venue’s regulations, players will not be allowed to leave the table without permission until the round has ended. At the same time, the house does not allow placing multiple bets at the same time. Along with that, the unlimited number of participants makes the payout rate quite attractive.

The main door is located at  New88

To bring a variety of experiences, entertainment venues cooperate with many famous publishers of the game, for example: BG, SA,  New88 Casino,… Therefore, at each bet you will receive 1 level. separate reward.

Form of bet Compensation rate
on BG BK Casino
Over/Under 1:1 1:1 1:1
Parity 1:1 1:1 1:1
Double bet 1: 10 1:8 8-87:1
Any set of 3 1: 30 1:24 30-87:1
Specific set of 3 1: 180 1:150 150-999:1
total score
4/17 1: 60 1:50 50-499:1
5/16 1: 30 1:18 20-249:1
6/15 1: 18 1:14 15-149:1
7/14 1:12 1:12 12-29:1
8/13 1: 8 1:8 8-24:1
9/12 1: 7 1:6 6-24:1
10/11 1:6 1:6 6-24:1
Single bet 1:1 (1 time)

1:2 (2 times

1:3 (3 times)

1:1 (1 time)

1:2 (2 times)

1:3 (3 times)

1:1 (1 time)

2-19:1 (2 times)

3-87:1 (3 times)

How to play Tai Xiu effectively, always win

Although the rules of the game are simple, to get the most profit, you need to have your own secrets. Below are some experiences bettors receive when logging into  New88:

Invest money in the form of folding

This is the form of betting chosen by most bettors because it brings extremely high winning rates. You will only deposit money at one time and will double the bet amount until you stop hunting for a prize. This method may be a bit expensive, but in return for winning once, the bettor can cover both losses and earn a profit.
See : Thể thao New88

Perform prediction – How to play Tai Xiu to win money

Prediction is a tip recommended by many veteran players and is considered to have a high winning rate. You can learn one of the following ways:

  • Low bet: Will often return in the 3rd, 4th rounds onwards, so bettors will remember the results and bet as usual then double down in the last games.
  • Soi 1-1: The results are often alternating continuously for easy detection in games 3 and 4.
  • 3-2-1 bridge: The rule will be that for every 3 over games there will be 1 under game and ends with 1 over game or vice versa. So, try to observe and remember to deposit money at the right time.

Join a crowded table

According to the experience of experts, playing Tai Xiu by joining a betting table with few people means your chances of winning will be greatly shortened. Instead, choose more crowded games to watch and learn more experiences from your opponents. At the same time, you can bet according to others when you run out of ideas.

Don’t keep one door for too long

The strategy of placing only one bet is considered very effective, but this way of playing Sic Bo is no less risky. Because, the possibility of winning almost happens when you farm long enough, but when you first farm, the rate is much lower. So depending on the situation and finances, decide whether to continue to deposit money or not.

Smart financial management

Before deciding to play, bettors should calculate to divide their personal capital. Instead of choosing to “go all in”, you can spread your capital into several rounds so that you can practice while preserving your budget and sitting longer. In particular, you must absolutely maintain your mentality to avoid being influenced by opponents and external factors.

Information about the game rules, payout levels and how to play Sic Bo to win big has been compiled by the unit and updated to bettors. Hopefully you have gained the knowledge and secrets to participate effectively in the game and win many great prizes. Register for  New88 to get the ultimate, diverse entertainment space.

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