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Hikvision’s 42 Series Folding Pole Barrier Gate: A Robust and Versatile Access Control Solution

Hikvision, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, presents the 42 Series Folding Pole Boom Barrier Gate—an advanced access control system designed to ensure efficient traffic management and enhance security measures.

Efficiency and Stability

The 42 Series Folding Pole Barrier Gate utilizes an integrated machine core and parallel gear deceleration system. This design ensures smooth and efficient transmission, enabling stable operation and preventing unnecessary mechanical strain. By incorporating a quenching process for the carbon steel gear, Hikvision enhances the barrier gate’s wear resistance and impact resistance, maximizing the product’s lifespan and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Compact and Flexible Installation

An important feature of the 42 Series Folding Pole Barrier Gate is its compact structure, which supports convenient side installation. This design allows for space-saving deployment, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited space or specific installation requirements.

Convenient Monitoring and Maintenance

To simplify monitoring and maintenance procedures, the 42 Series Folding Pole Barrier Gate includes a built-in event log feature. This log records important events and actions, facilitating efficient and convenient system monitoring. The barrier gate also utilizes fault code detection displayed on the nixie tube, simplifying problem location and maintenance procedures.


With its integrated machine core, compact structure, intelligent control features, and versatile operating modes, the Hikvision 42 Series Folding Pole Barrier Gate exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovative and reliable access control solutions. By prioritizing efficiency, security, and user convenience, Hikvision continues to provide cutting-edge technology for effective traffic management and access control in various environments.

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