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Durable Storage for Industrial Environments with YANSEN’s Industrial CFast Cards

With internally configured 8-bank DDR3 SDRAM devices, their CFast modules deliver high-speed data transfer and storage capabilities. YANSEN’s industrial CFast solutions are designed to enhance the performance and reliability of industrial applications.

Fast and Efficient Data Transfer with DDR3 SDRAM Modules

YANSEN‘s industrial CFast solutions incorporate DDR3 SDRAM modules, which are high-speed, CMOS dynamic random access memory modules. These modules utilize DDR3 architecture, enabling the transfer of two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins. With this efficient architecture, their CFast devices offer fast and reliable data transfer, ensuring seamless operations in industrial applications. Choose YANSEN’s industrial CFast storage solutions for enhanced data transfer and storage performance.

Sturdy and Dependable Storage for Industrial Uses

Durability and dependability are given top priority in YANSEN’s industrial CFast storage systems. Gold contact fingers on their 204-pin DIMMs ensure dependable and safe connections in their CFast modules. The 8-bank DDR3 SDRAM devices that are internally configured meet the demands of industrial applications by offering dependable and effective data storage. YANSEN offers industrial CFast storage devices that offer the dependability and performance required for many industrial applications, including automation systems, surveillance equipment, and other storage solutions.


YANSEN is a reputable supplier of industrial CFast storage solutions, providing industrial applications with storage devices that improve performance and dependability. their CFast modules make use of DDR3 SDRAM technology, which facilitates quick and effective data storage and transport. Their gold contact fingers and sturdy construction make the CFast storage devices durable and safe for use in industrial settings.

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