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NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs without Eyelets: Seamless Orthodontic Solution

In orthodontic treatments, closed coil springs play a crucial role in achieving optimal tooth movement and alignment. NIC Dental, a trusted brand in the dental industry, offers a seamless solution with their Closed Coil Springs without Eyelets. This article explores the key features of NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs, highlighting their unique construction that includes one complete spring with hooks formed by rings from the spring itself. Discover how these springs enhance orthodontic procedures and provide a seamless experience for patients.

Seamless Construction for Enhanced Comfort

NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs without Eyelets are designed with a seamless construction that eliminates the need for additional eyelets. The springs are processed using one complete spring, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit for patients. The absence of eyelets reduces the risk of discomfort or irritation caused by friction with the arch wire, providing a seamless orthodontic experience.

Consistent Hooks for Improved Efficiency

The hooks at the two ends of the Closed Coil Springs are formed by 1-2 rings from the spring itself. This unique design ensures that the hooks remain consistent with the central axis of the spring. The consistent hooks enable efficient placement and engagement with the arch wire, facilitating precise tooth movement and alignment during orthodontic treatment.

Versatile Application with Arch Wires

NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs without Eyelets are compatible with various arch wires commonly used in orthodontic treatments. The springs seamlessly integrate with arch wires, allowing for smooth and controlled force application. Dental professionals can confidently rely on these springs to achieve the desired tooth movement and alignment, enhancing treatment outcomes for their patients.


NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs without Eyelets offer a seamless and efficient orthodontic solution for dental professionals. With their seamless construction, consistent hooks formed by the spring itself, and compatibility with arch wires, these springs provide enhanced comfort, improved efficiency, and versatile application. Invest in NIC Dental’s Closed Coil Springs and experience the convenience, reliability, and seamless orthodontic experience they bring to your practice. Trust in NIC Dental’s commitment to providing high-quality dental instruments for optimal patient care and successful orthodontic treatments.

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